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In early 2004, we saw a website belonging to Esmond Gay of Sarez Bengals and discovered that he was retiring from cat breeding. Fascinated with these leopard-like felines, we acquired many of his best and rarest cats, including a number of F1s, F2s and other cats. We also bought our first hybridising leopard cat from him, Sarez Apollo, a cat who really put us on the map and helped us to build our 20 strong F1 female collection.

And thus began Gayzette Bengals, a name derived Esmond’s surname and that of his favourite F1, Leopardette (Nyali Jungle Song). Esmond remains in contact with us and we are delighted to have his most informative Bengal articles (and others) on our website.

Around 2009, the owners of another cattery called Chinmay Bengals were retiring and so we brought 29 of their cats in to our Scottish menagerie. These included a pair of ocelots, a bonded pair of leopard cats, a breeding pair of Amur leopard cats, and Ottoman, a most amazing leopard cat in that he we will mate any Bengal female from F1 to SBT (most leopard cats are very particular over what females they mate, and many bond with just one for life).

Now fully enamoured with pedigree hybrids, when Esmond encouraged us to breed very rare Savannahs, we did so without hesitation. They are a magnificent and very loving hybrid of the African serval, but they’re astonishingly difficult to breed due to the serval’s huge size and because of the genetic differences between them and the domestic cat. We obtained a breeding pair and then hand-reared their cubs, and finally, in 2011 we succeeded in hybridising, becoming the first people in Britain to breed registered F1 Savannahs (from our male, Gayzette Asita). And occasionally we have them and F2 kittens available to good homes.

Please look around our website and if you would like to know more about how and why we started breeding Bengals, or if you want some general information about the Bengal breed itself, their colours, their personalities, the differences between the various generations, or information on their ancestor, the leopard cat, please see our “Cat Articles by Esmond Gay” page.

And if you are interested in a Bengal or a Savannah kitten or would just like to come and visit us for a chat and to see our huge animal family, please don’t hesitate to phone.

In the meantime, please enjoy our website.

Please visit our latest news page for information on Bengal and savannah litters from f1 f2 to sbt – available or due and prices of all our kittens – please note we do not have any form of contract on any of our kittens but we do guarantee those kittens that are sold for breeding ie if they fail to breed within two years with a proven stud then that cat is replaced on return of the original kitten – no cash refund is offered

We also will help with taking back a kitten that isn’t suitable for a particular family and offer a replacement on return of the original kitten ( at the clients own expense) no cash refund is offered

Frank and I live on a 100 acre farm in the North East of Scotland, close to Aberdeen airport. We have a herd of 45 pedigree Limousin cattle, a flock of around 160 Texel sheep, and 20 sport horses which include two Irish Draft x Thoroughbred stallions, one of which is the last foal sired by the legendary Shauna’s Diamond R.I.D.

We also have kennels in which we breed Flat Coat Retrievers (see our website; www.littlehillflatcoatretrievers.co.uk), Labradors (specialising in chocolates), Border Terriers, and very occasionally we have litters of Whippets available. All our dogs are health screened as per Kennel Club guidelines.

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